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» Quiz: What Is Your Horse I.Q.?
What Is Your Horse I.Q.?
created by Painted_Filly04

Think you know horses! Try this quiz and find out!

1.) Which horse is the best sprinter?
Quarter horse

2.) Which bit is softer?
Rubber Snaffle

3.) You are jogging, and there is a loose horse. Do you...
Scream, then run into the nearest ditch.
Run at the horse, saying WHOA!, and wave your arms up and down.
Stop and say whoa in a calm voice, and slightly raise your hands.

4.) You are walking your horse, and it starts to rear. What do you do?
Move with the horse's movement. Talk calmly to the horse.
Pull as hard as you can on the horse. You aren't afraid of it!
Take cover and hope the horse doesn't land on you.

5.) How do you tell how old a horse is?
Look at their weight.
Look at their teeth.
Look in their eyes.
Count how many white hairs the horse has, and divide by five hundred

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