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» Quiz: What color are you ?
What color are you ?
created by FoxyRoxy

See which color matches your personality

1.) There is a party being held at your school. What would you most likely wear?
A crop top up to just about under your boobs, and a mini skirt almost as thin as a belt
A pair of nice casual jeans, with a cool midriff top. Revealing, but not that revealing.
A dull T.shirt that hasn't been washed in several days and a pair of school trousers.

2.) At this party a boy approaches you smiling. You...
Flash him your blinding white teeth and say come get me, then give hima full on snog
Smile sweetly at him say hi in your sweetest voice
Avoid eye contact and smile, then realize that he was looking at that girl behind you.

3.) A week later when your going on a date with that boy. Where do you go?
A rave concert
To the cinema
Nowhere... He looked right past me. remember???!!!

4.) After the date, what do you and him do?
Snog full on then take him back to my place...(Get the picture??)
Snog, then let him walk you home, then snog again before saying goodbye
DUH!! I didn't go !! Are you trying to rub my nose in it ?!?!

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