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» Quiz: Your inner vampire name...
Your inner vampire name...
created by teh_mistress

There is a vampire within all of us. Whether it chooses to show or not. WIth this test, find out the name of your inner vampire.

1.) The most typical question in a quiz. What its your favorite colour? If you don't have a favorite in this list, pick one you think suits you or your personality.
Light or Dark Purple

2.) Your clothing, what do you wear the most?
Anything black.
Sometimes black, but usually alot of flashy colours.
Mini-skirts and tight tees baby!
Baggy jeans, casual shirts, and boxers
Clothes o0.. what are these clothes you speak of?
Long dark capes and big top hats to hide my red eyes
Anyhting that I can show off it.
Clothes are for the weak minded.
Cyber clothing, stuff I'd be seen going to raves and clubs in.

3.) Do you think you have a pure heart?
Depends on what you mean by pure...
Couldn't say... I've never seen my heart.
I've ate a pure heart before... does that count?
Naw.. My heart is as black as coal.
As pure as the blood that surrounds it.
Sometimes yes, sometimes no
Mmmm... pure heart. -drools-

4.) So, you have wings. Can you fly?
Haven't tried.
Tried, but failed. Damn the chibi wings
Wont even bother
Yes I can and.. My wings are big, black, and have more feathers than yours -sticks tounge out-
-jumps around singing- Wings, wings pretty butterfly wings
Well no, of course I can fly...
Not all vampires have wings.. are you stupid or something?

5.) Drugs?
Oh yeah, all the time!
Drugs! gimmegimmegimme
Drug are bad m'kay
Never heard of such a thing.
Drugs suck.. Mind you, so do I...
Drugs, drugs, drugs... they put you in the hospital...
Does morphine count?
-falls over in a dead heap- Drugs kill
-pupils are the size of texas- Mmmm..... Drugs

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