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» Quiz: Dream Job?
Dream Job?
created by Misha_82

1.) What is your favourite subject in school?
Well, Drama of course!!
Fashion arts
Visual arts

2.) What label would you give yourself in highschool?
A raver
A highclass prep
A drama geek
A loner
A bully
A nerd

3.) What is your favourite thing to do??
Draw little doodles and sketch
Go to the movies
Go to a night club
Play dress up
give advice
solve mysteries
Listen to music

4.) Who is your favourite actor??
Johnny Depp
Jennifer Lopez
Liv Tyler
Tom Cruise
Jim Carrey
Claire Danes

5.) What is your dream vacation?
A trip to Paris, France
Definately New York city
Toronto, Canada
It would have to be Jamaica, for sure!
Hollywood, star heaven

6.) What famous woman/man would you like to visit?
Judge Judy
Jennifer Aniston
Kate Moss
Shirley Manson
Angelina Jolie
Judge Joe Brown
Johnny Depp
Ralph Lauren
None of the above


8.) How did you like the quiz
It was okay...
It was missing something
It was all over the place!!
It was fine.
No comment

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