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» Quiz: What Mythical Animal Are You?
What Mythical Animal Are You?
created by Oceana

Do you flap, cast spells, fight bad guys, or, (laughs quietly) MUHAHAHAHAHA?!

1.) What is your favorite color?
RED! The color of blood! GOLD! The color of triumph and power!
White, the color of purity and goodness.
Scarlet. The absolute most beautiful color, though purple I favor highly
Who cares about color? Their are better things in the world!
Brown, blue, and green. Nature's true colors.
MUHAHAHAHAHA! BLACK! and maybe a splash of red!
Soft, velevety blue. Maybe some white in there too, like the skies!

2.) What if your friend's gilfriend/boyfriend dumped them?
What's that?
Come to comfort them with soothing words, telling them (with a hint of pride) you knew it all along
Laugh and say,
They would not dump one another
Tell them a knowledgable fact to brighten them up, maybe a riddle as well
Sooth them and say you'll help them find a better person, and be true to your word
Sob quietly with them and offer them your own girlfriend/boyfriend instead
Let them cry! You'll calm them, but won't really try to help, just pretend

3.) Food?
Easy! MEAT! Freshly grilled
Bread. anything. Just so long as i can still work
I'm an omnivore.
Cloud fairies toss me great food!
ROAR! Do you REALLY want to find out? (licks lips)

4.) Say your pot of treasure was stolen. What would you do?
TREASURE? Why would i keep junk like that?
Soar the skies to scout for it.
...sighs...what use is treasure?
Hunt all down untill you get your library back!
Storm about and threaten to destroy the sun if it isn't found!
cry to yourself, but earn more by helping others
Burn every forest untill it is found!

5.) Ideal companion (other than your own species)?
Maybe a skilled warrior could tame me, but most of the time they DIE trying
Anything with a sweet dispostion
Judge on heart, not on species
A bookworm
We tend to stick to our own kind
NO FRIENDS! Although if a powerful wizard comes along...MUHAHAHAHAHA!
The air fairies!

6.) Favorite non-mythical animal?
um...who cares!
Horses of speed! Racers!
Anything crafty...
The donkey. Peace-loving and hardworking.
Humans. They have so much knowledge!
Bird, especially raptors
Gentle ponies

7.) LAST ONE! Favorite pet?
Reptile, dude!
A rabbit
A bird
A cat
no pet

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