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» Quiz: Which Of The Fay Are You?
Which Of The Fay Are You?
created by sol_star

Quick fun quiz to see which of the fay you are most like.

1.) Which God/Goddess do you or would you most like to worship?
Artemis- Goddess of woodlands and the hunt.
Ares - God of war.
Hestia- Virgin Goddess of the hearth/home.
Hades- God of the underworld.
Aphrodite- The Goddess of love and beauty.
Zeus- King of the Gods.

2.) You find a child crying in the park. What do you do?
Help the child find his parents.
Cry with the child- life is so cruel.
Distract the child with a shinny stone so it stops crying.
Taunt the child so it crys more.
Care for the child until his parents locate him.
Take the child to keep as a 'pet'.

3.) Which book are you most likely to read?
The Kama Sutra
Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook
World's Greatest Practical Jokes
Anything by Edgar Allan Poe
Meetings with remarkable trees
The Prince (Machiavelli)

4.) What kind of music do you listen to most?
Metal or industrial
Celtic or Clasical
Goth or Darkwave

5.) Where would you most likely be found?
Meadow or Woods.
In your (or someone else's) bedroom.
Some place VERY warm we can't name.
Around the house.
Local Animal shelter or Hospital helping out.

6.) How old are you?
VERY old.
Semi-old but young at heart.
Old enough...
Young but feel old.

7.) Which would you never do?
Say: let's just be friends.
Throw a large party and trash the place!
Decide that you'd rather not play a trick on someone.
Do something evil just for fun!
Live in a city.

8.) Which would you wear?
Leather, lost of leather and a bit of metal.
Cotton or other natural fibers.
Anything light and airy.
Pleather or vinyl.
Chain mail or armor.

9.) Are you happy?
No the world is a cruel, cruel place.
Yes- the world is a cruel, cruel place.
Yes I'm quite 'happy'. Wink-wink.
Of course!
Yes. Are you?

10.) Video game of choice?
'Casual Romance Club' or any similar adult title
Harvest Moon
Dungeon Keeper
The Sims
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Dungeons and Dragons

11.) Phrase/sound that is most you:
Can I help you sweetie?
If I said you had a nice body would you hold it against me?
Hear me oh dark lord...
Evil growl
A cute giggle
Peace be with you

12.) Which best describes you?

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