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» Quiz: How big of a penis do you have?
How big of a penis do you have?
created by Fumanchu

See iff your a big, guy, are a little one!

1.) How often do you have sex?
I cant get enough! At least 2 times a day.
Umm, mostly everyday
Depends on the week
Once a week
I dont have sex......with people

2.) When do you get turned on?
A hotter that fire, sexy chick.
A pretty,smart, attractive chick
A cool looking girl.....nice ones
ummm, i dont get the chance to see the oppotite sex all that often
Whats that mean.....can i have cookie?

3.) Pick a God.......
Sex God
Love God
Strength God
Ummmm.....one that makes me look bigger
I dont know!!!!! Mommy, help me!

4.) Pick a color...........
Purple Passion

5.) Last one, why do you date?
I like sex, drugs and rock and roll!
For love, sex, and fun! Why else?
To have a friend that i can get close to
If i get a date, Im greatful!
Ive never wanted to date a guy!

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