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» Quiz: Girl, Interrupted
Girl, Interrupted
created by croww_2

who are you from the true story of Susanna Keyson

1.) are you
always awake...clean...a tom girl?
a wrist banger...blow job type...dainty...and curious?
a liar...kind....?
go away asshole !!!
kind...a little disoriented...caring?
skinny...tired ...bored?

2.) want some cake?
no thats ok
i cant eat it ass hole
no thank you...it will try to explode in my stomache
fucking pig

3.) is polly ( a kind generous little kid) the friend for you?
poor polly
oh yes...i feel bad since her puppy died and her face is ugly
what..? idk idc
why?... i will be dead anyways

4.) whats in your future?
i want to be as skinny as the models
well idk id rather be here
fucking my dad/mom and commiting suicide
id like to be in a movie because i am good in acting ...oh this one time-
writing is nice...i like anything almost...but i have plans no matter what
i dont fucking care

5.) what do you find youreself doing a whole lot of times?
staying up all night and working on my beuty
writing...blowjobs...hey i have no bones in my hand!
i read books
i like food
i like the tv
i dont eat...the tv is ok...i want to be beutiful...writing is shit

6.) what do you say alot?
i am straight forward...anything true
i giggle alot

i like excuses like
i talk about how the world is fucked up
i like the word

7.) ok lastly... do you have any psychological problems?
i am a sociopath and an insomniac
i am depresses alot i guess...idk you tell me whats my diag-nonsense?
pseudological fantastica
no you ass hole
um idk
i am anerexic...but im not under weight! 74 is the perfect wieght!

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