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» Quiz: Want to date me?
Want to date me?
created by kris10

want a date with me? answer this quiz to see if we are compatible.

1.) How tall are you?
I am over 6'2
i am exactly 6'2
i am shorter than 6'2

2.) What color eyes do you have?
my eyes are green/blue
i have colored contacts because i hate the color of my eyes naturally
i have brown eyes

3.) How would you describe your personality?
i think i am funny
i am really shy
like to get a lot of attention

4.) do you use drugs
no i have never tried drugs
i used to have a problem but i am clean now
everyday...i dont even know what it is like to be sober

5.) do you smoke?
i have never tried and dont plan on it
yeah i do smoke when i drink but thats the only time i do
everyday...i need them...they are essential

6.) What do you do for a living?
i work in the entertainment industry
i am a white collared working man
i am a blue-collared working man
work? you mean i have to work?

7.) to get out of a relationship you...
avoid her calls...eventually she will get the hint
tell her to her face that its just not working out
leave her a message on a post-it note or on the answering machine
get out??? i am lucky i got the relationship to begin with i am holding on to her no matter what she says

8.) do you consider yourself an extreme sexual being
hell thats what guys are...if not your gay
i dont have to have sex with someone to enjoy being with them
sex? i am still a virgin

9.) if you were to take me out would you...
insist on paying
i am dutch and i believe everyone should pay for themselves
go out? hell no we are going to have a nice romantic walk...alone time so i can get to know you better

10.) when picking me up you...
bring flowers
show up really late and want me to make our plans
honk the horn outside expecting me to get the hint

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