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» Quiz: how much do you know about horses?
how much do you know about horses?
created by Goginger13

think you know everything about horses?ake my quiz to see if you really do!!!!

1.) is a palomino a breed?

2.) what is the name of the largest horse alive today?
boringdon black king
madeline princess
big n' brutal

3.) if a horse has gained the habit of
addicted to chewing on wood
gained the habit of licking other horses,and biting them
gained the habit of smoking pot with the gang
addicted to to chewing on anything medal

4.) who was man o' war?
a famous racehorse
a fmous harness racer
a famous carrige horse
what's a horse?
a dirty abused horse that was famous for being so emaciated

5.) morgan horses were once the official mount of the U.S army

6.) what is the cure for mustard embrocation?
flour of mustard,liquid ammonia,and turpentine oil
barbadoes aloes,calomel,peppermint oil,warm water,and tincture
powdered opium,powdered catechu,and powdered chalk
lard,turpentine,podered flies,&biniodide

7.) if a horse is
legs are to wide
legs to the side
legs to close together
knee to open

8.) what is the name of a baby donkey?

9.) what is a mare called if her only purpose inlife is to have foals?
barrel racer
foaling mare
stud mare
no clue

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