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» Quiz: What subculture do you belong too?
What subculture do you belong too?
created by lithium

1.) So what type of music do you listen too?
Anti-Flag , The Casualties , Blag-Flag........
Anything thats in the charts at the minute!
when i do listen to music its mosly old classics like Sinatra! you know the Great Era!
Marilyn Manson, HIM, Cradle Of Filth! those are the real classics!
Poetic Music! Classical...
Whatever i want too! All of the above!

2.) What type of clothes do you most feel comfortable in?
Plaid, Denim, Anarchy Tops! FUCK THE GOVERMENT!
Black, Bands T-Shirts, Leather Jacket!
Black, Baggy Trousers/Pants, Band T-shirts, Spikes, Long Black Trenchcoat, with my Long Black Hair!
Letter Jackets, Our cheerleaders outfit/Our football outfit,
Tight baby pink tops that shows off 'just a little'! , Tight bottoms and sandles!
Vest top with my Cardigan over it, A skirt that goes to the ancles, hard black shoes!
Any of the latest trends of course!

3.) What does ur hair look like?
Long Black hair, sometimes greasy cos i like it that way!
My stylist done it for me, he says everyones wearing it in Paris! its latest fashion trend to hit us!
My Sexy blonde hair just drops, of course its Very Very Sexy!
A huge fuck-off Mohawk or Liberty Spikes!
Tied in a bun of course
It looks very sweet and makes me look very sweet and Very Innocent!
its all fucked up and a mess!

4.) Ok stupid question i know .... But .... Whats ur fav colour?
Red Or Black
Purple Or Green
Baby Pink
Um, Grey?
Red its sweet
Pink or Blue

5.) What do you think of George Bush?
Great Guy and a Great Leader!
I dunno!
He is fucking tosser, he cant do shit! The Goverment Sucks! Anarchy Rules!
He is a wanker!
I dont really give a flying fuck!
he's sweet
um, lemme think, he is OK i guess

6.) Ok, cleared that, what about Avril Lavigne?
Fuck Off!
She's that hardcore punk girl huh? oh yeah i like her!
dont mention that name, she is a fucking posing bitch, she wouldnt know punk if it came up and bit her in the ass!
She's more POP than Britney Fucking Spears is!
No i dont like punk music!
She's in fashion, she likes Hot Topic, hey, me too!
I dont really like all that headbanging stuff!

7.) Ok Last One. Just pick one of these words!

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