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» Quiz: The Completely Honest Quiz.
The Completely Honest Quiz.
created by taintedsoul

If you're totally honest when you take this, you'll find out what you're really like on the inside. Don't take it if you're going to lie, or if you're afraid of the truth.

1.) Ok, I know, oldest question in the book, favorite color :
I don't know, something smart, like grey. Or beige. Yeah, Beige!
Pink! Or purple! Or both!
Green, yellow, blue, orange, red, violet... pretty much anything in the rainbow spectrum.
Whatever is popular, or fits my mood. Just not black. Or pink. Makes too much of a statement.
I love (insert your favorite color here)! (if you choose this, you're fave color is probably a cool color) (I.E. blue, purple, green, black, grey...)

2.) Ok, how do you respond to this word? Gossip :
The most horrid word ever invented. People should just keep their noses out of other people's business!
I don't care for it, it doesn't affect me.
I think it isn't good, but it isn't preventable, so why try?
I don't gossip unless it's important, I mean, if Ashley breaks up with Kyle, I gotta tell people!
Gossip? Never heard of it. I know some people like to talk, but I am far too busy to be caught up in something that mundane.

3.) Respond to these words: Life and Death.
See we got here because we evolved from monkeys.... and sooner or later, the Earth will blow up into tiny bits and we'll float amongst the cosmos
I think life, is like, a very wonderful thing. I think death is bad, but we can't help it, so why, like, dwell on it?
We live, we die, what more is there to say?
Whatever the Gov't tells us is the answer.
I haven't figured out why we are here, or when we will leave and why, but I think we should live life to the fullest and never waste a moment!

4.) Favorite type of music?
Rock, punk, hardcore, grunge, funk. blues, anything wild and crazy. (I.E. Red Hot Chile Pepper, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Godsmack, etc...)
Rap and hip hop. It's got a cool beat and everyone that matters likes it.
Whatever I feel like listening to. I like what I like.
Hmm, I guess Ashlee Simpson, or Hillary Duff, maybe even some Nora Jone. And rap and hip/hop is always awesome!
Music doesn't matter, I mean, when you're applying for college do they ask to see a list of your favorite bands?

5.) Do you lie alot? Even if it is just a little one? C'mon, and be honest!
I have lied before, but just so's I didn't hurt anyone's feelings. I don't like to lie at all though.
Yeah, I have lied before, But just so that I would fit in better.
I have lied before, but it was a long time ago and it was just little things like homework and stuff.
I have never lied, except like, when I told my boyfriend that I was still a vir- I mean, no, I like, don't lie. ::smile::
Lying? There's no logic in lying. I don't do it.

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