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» Quiz: Which Of My Books Should You Buy?
Which Of My Books Should You Buy?
created by BabyBear1952

If you could only buy one of my books, which one would it be? Or would any of them be what you want?

1.) What is your favorite kind of book to read?
Anything with lots of blood and gore! Have that missing, and the book is a bore!
I usually like for books to have at least a little violence in them, but I'm also open to other stuff at times.
Science Fiction

2.) Do you enjoy family history stories?
Very much so!
Not particularly.

3.) Which description best fits you?
I love to curl up with a heartwarming love story!
I'd love to get out of the fast-lane--or not get into it.
I love road-trips taken for the purpose of finding beautiful experiences!
Even though I'm a fast-lane person, I enjoy shifting gears sometimes.

4.) Which food best describes your personality?
A heart-shaped box of assorted chocolates.
Hamburgers and hot dogs cooked on an outdoor grill.
Fresh fruit, cheese, bread, and sun tea at an outdoor picnic.
Hard liquor for all three meals and snacks.
Junk food eaten in your car with your stereo blasting loud enough to be heard for at least a block away.

5.) Choose a word or phrase of something you're either already involved in or would like to be involved in a.s.a.p.
A happy marriage that will last well into your sunset years and just keep getting better!
A family reunion with lots of people from different generations sharing their stories.
A creative writing class--if not as a writer at least as a spectator taking it all in.
At a rave and totally-stoned.
Watching the latest Jerry Springer episode.

6.) Of these choices, what's your favorite movie?
Love Story
It's A Wonderful Life!
The Sound Of Music
Anything with lots of blood and gore! I'm not picky!
Silence Of The Lambs

7.) Which of these is your favorite entertainer/group?
Celine Dion
The Statler Brothers
Peter, Paul, & Mary
Marilyn Manson

8.) What is the most I would spend for a book?
Seven dollars and fifty cents
Eight dollars even
Eight dollars and fifty cents
I wouldn't part with a penny for a bunch of fluffy drivel. Bor-ing!
I'm willing to go up to ten dollars. I can always give it to someone else if I don't like it.

9.) Who is your favorite leader of a country?
Ronald Reagan
Jimmy Carter
John F. Kennedy
Adolf Hitler
Fidel Castro

10.) Fill in the blank: I like books that make me (BLANK)
decide to remain cynical about life.
open to exchanging negative thoughts for positive ones

11.) How do you like this quiz so far?
If it helps me find a great romance book, it's wonderful!
If it points me to a book that will help me to share good, old-fashioned fun with the next generation, I think it's quite adequate.
If it points me to a book that will take me on pleasant journeys from the comfort of my own home, it's priceless!
It sucks! It's nothing but a shameless promotion of a bunch of boring drivel!
Not sure where this quiz is taking me, but I'm open to the possibilities!

12.) Finally, are you anxious to read your results?
I'd love that!
Can hardly wait!
Take me there now!
Who cares!?!
Okay...but don't count on me to be sold on what you're trying to sell me--though never say never, either!

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