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» Quiz: What type of mage are you?
What type of mage are you?
created by VampireGod6942

Kinda weird but oh well. Sorry if a few answers are missing. my comp is beign an ass.

1.) You wake up in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Someone asks how are you feeling. You say:
Fine but where am i?
How the hell did i get here?
Blimey. Who the hell are you?
Interesting little town here.
I ain't in kansas anymore obviously.

2.) You find out you are in the middle of the town shang. You go outside and no one is around cept that one person you talked to. What now?
Wander around a bit till you find someone else.
Think that this is all a big trap or of the sort.
Look for something to drink or a bar.
Wish the sun wasn't so bright.
Think. Omg. I wish i was in shade.

3.) You eventually come across a man with a key. He asks. "I have the key to a bar that has a creature inside. Give me a good reason and i'll give it to you.
Say. I will kill this creature and help yall.
Wanna burn?
If u don't give me the key i will tear you apart with my bare hands. So is it a deal?
Would you rather be a frog?

4.) For what ever reason he gives you the key and disapears. You think your are nuts but head to the bar. When u get inside there is only a cow sitting at the bar drinking. You.......
Walk up to it and ask wazza?
Walk up and ask wtf are you doing here cow man?
Walk up carefully and ask
Walk up and ask.
Sit at a table and watch it for awhile.

5.) You find out the cow is an ancient protector of the town. And wants to take u back to where you belong.
You say. Oh shit.
Think. Omg this cow wants to rape me!
Go along with it. Nothing can get worse eh?
Get ready to fight it and attempt to make ground beef.
Get ready to fight. Just in case.

6.) It somehow nets you and takes you to an underground place with a million of the same cows. Which by looks of it you are to be sacraficed. What now?
Bribe him and ask if he wants some grass.
Think. Wth is up with this town.
Look for an alternate route out. But are surrounded by them.
Woonder if they know how to fight. If not fun time.
Start telling them that you are the cow lord. Doesn't work. but at least u tried.

7.) Then a cow with a crown appears from the crowd. He says in your ear. You mine.
Jump out of the way but noticed all the cows have axes now. Gulp.
Say. Omfg i had to get the key.
Let him. Either way your dead.
Start fighting but the other cows stop you. Damn.
Say. .......why try?

8.) Right when the axe hits you. You wake up in your normal home and everything. What a whacked dream.
That was one whacked dream.
.........No more happy pills for me.
Note to self: No more beef. Now vegeterian.
Omfg. That was so fricking.....................cool. Back to bed.

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