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» Quiz: what type of sex do you prefer?
what type of sex do you prefer?
created by foreverwalkalone

if you are a girl, or guy take the quiz. It doesn't matter. See what you enjot the most.

1.) Let's just say, if you were in a room alone with your partner, you both got horny. He/She wants missionary sex, and you want someting different what would it be?
I want my ass, to be dominated by manliness, so it will have to be, anal.
I agree with my lover. I want missionary
I don't want manliness going up my ass. I want something, wet, soft, and slimy going up there. maybe perhaps, tongue????
I want some head. My cock/pussy is aching for some tonge to slide up there.
I don't care what we do! I just want to fuck, fuck fuck!!!!
why don't we play a game? your the lion, and I'm the tamer. I just need a whip.
Can't we just take it slow???? I'm really not that horny... I want it to be something special.
banging is fun!

2.) you guys argue over what your going to do, in the middle of sex, your partner is getting ticked, because they don't want to do anything you'd like to do... Your both feeling selfish, so if they refuse to do anything, with you, what would you do?
grab them by their head, face it toward your cock/pussy, and you force them to open their mouth, and blow away!
dominate your lover's ass, or make them dominate your ass.
you guys aren't arguing because you agree with each other. besides, missionary is simple.
pull your pants down, and sit on your lover's face, and refuse to get up, until you feel that cool tongue sliding up your ass.
you don't care about any stupid arguments... All you do, is fuck away, and do anything. You don't care about anything else, except for your pleasure.
spank your partner's butt, with the whip, until he/she gives into your lion game...
start to cry, because you don't want to have sex... You want to make love, and all your partner wants is a quick missionary, and that's it.
your partner is in the middle of crying, because you accidentally gashed their butt open with your whip.

3.) what is your number one, sex pleasure?
a dildo, getting crammed all the way up your ass. You love it!
being on the bottom, where it's comfy.
fellatio. Blow jobs, and pussy eating
tongue! up my ass, for the last time!
anything, as long as I get to fuck
cuddles, and kisses, and lovey doveyness
whips, chains, and handcuffs.

4.) this time, your partner wants you to give them the pleasure... What do you do?
show him/her the compatibility between my, tongue and their ass.
please them, with my oral techniques.
introduce her ass, to my friend... introduce his ass, to our toy...
we both, got tired and gave up... We fell asleep, I guess we weren't in the mood after all.
smother, him/her, with kisses, and drown them in my love.
show them, them art with my whip
fuck them, up to the point, where they'll have to take a week long break from sex.

5.) what is your idea, place for sex?
somewhere, small and cramped, where we have enough room for doggie style
our bedroom, on our bed...
a torture chamber
any place anywhere...
I don't care where, as long as a tongue goes into my ass.
in a car... Someplace comfy... I don't care
a crammed alleyway, where, he or she is on their knees.

6.) out of all seven types of sex, what do you like best?
love making
rim jobs, rock!
missionary, of course...
sixty nine

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