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» Quiz: Which Dawsons Creek Character Are You?
Which Dawsons Creek Character Are You?
created by Alyah77

Find out which one of Dawson's Creek's core characters fits your personality!!

1.) Which High School Stereotype Are You Closest To?
The Slut
The Brain
The Troubled Soul
The Loser
The Geek
The Rebel
The Outcast

2.) What is your favorite color?
Red or Orange - wild, sexy, and passionate
Grey - a mixture of white and black, good and evil. Doesn't really stand out but makes an impact, however small...
Dark Blue - deep, soulful, and full of intrigue
Yellow - bright, cheery, and full of enthusiasm
Earth tones - thoughtful, dependable, comfortable
Black - not like the other colors, different
Hot Pink or Neon colors - different, but AWESOME!!!

3.) What's your home life like?
You're not comfortable calling anywhere
Your home is a bundle of stress, illness, and depression
Perfect parents, perfect house, perfect life
You're parents don't really give a shit, so you're living with some other relative
Single child, divorced parents, the whole back and forth thing
It's not the best, but you get through, with amazing strength and maturity
You try to stay as far away from home as possible. You don't fit in with your family and they continuously hurt you and put you down.

4.) How Do You Deal With Stress?
Get it out through some kind of artistic expression (writing, painting, etc.)
Direct it towards school or work and better yourself
Cry, get depressed, and never leave your bed till someone opens the curtains and tells your ass to buck up and get over it!
Isolate yourself from everybody, including those that care about you.
Take it out on other people, even though you really don't mean to
Drink and party, you'll feel better in the morning with a couple aspirin
Bottle it all up inside until you eventually crack

5.) Have you ever been in love?
Once, he/she will always have my heart regardless of who I'm with and what I experience..
Yeah, I had the perfect love....but I screwed it up
A few times
Yes, but I'll never be able to be in a relationship until I love myself.
No, my past relationships have all gone wrong. I just can't seem to find love, and I'm DESPERATE!!
No, I've searched long and hard, but I just can't find that special someone...
Love? Screw love, I wanna FUCK!!!

6.) What attracts you to a person?
They've gotta be fiesty, angry, and sarcastic. It's a definite turn on.
They've got to have a passion for something, something they want more than anything.
I like the ones that have a lot of problems..I can relate
I like the ones that challenge me, I can spar like no one else!!
It ranges from the wild and crazy to the mellow and sweet....I just want someone
A kickass body, a wild persona, and they've gotta be ready and willing. To Screw of couse!!!
The quiet, sensitive, sweet ones...

7.) What do you long for?
I wanna be satisfied baby!!
I want my dreams to come true, no matter what it takes.
All I want is to be accepted by my family and everyone around me
I want a normal life, with no stress
I want love. Passionate, romantic, and real love...
I want to get away from everything I've ever known and start a new life, one that's successful. Most of all, I just want to be happy.
I want to be good at something. It's simple, but it applies. Once and for all, I want everyone to be proud of me.

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