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created by fuK_girl


1.) sex sex sex all night long?
hell yea i'll get the whips and handcufz
why dont we talk and get to know each other?
get the condom

2.) if u saw me at a bar wut would u do?
come up to you and start a conversation
start making out wit me
fuk u all night long on 1 of the tables

3.) at home wut do u usually do if i'm not around
watch porn
read books and stuff
look through playboy
hump pillows and chairs..cuz u aint there

4.) i come home wut do u DO?
just a kiss is fine
nothing..i dunt care bout u
hey i'm already in bed ready for some action

5.) would u fuk me right now??
puh leeez
hey i g2g to the store first and get some condoms
o yea..i wanna fuk u right NOW!! I WaNt You I NEED U..ur so damn sexy..ahh

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