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» Quiz: Which JUST SHOOT ME character are you?
Which JUST SHOOT ME character are you?
created by Ardeth

What JUST SHOOT ME character are you? No better description.

1.) Which one of these would be your Job?
A Fluff Writer
Fashion and Beauty Editor of Blush Magazine and former Model
I work in the mail room.....
I take pictures of all da hotties,and am the magazines chief photographer!
Job? I am in charge!
I am a personal assistant, and the real king on the throne!

2.) Whats your hair like?
Long and Blonde
Stop reminding me that I am bald!
Long brown hair with nothing fancy.
I have hair?
It's the best because i got the cash to pay for a good cut.

3.) People find you....
devoted, serious-minded, strongly sentimental, and that you fight for what you believe in but remaining warm hearted
bitchy, pretentious, and an antagonist
egotistic, self-absorbed, and successful with women despite the fact you are unattractive but you also have a secretly sensitive side.
like Owls, and are intimidatingly huge
People sometimes think you are gay. And a pretentious, power hungry, sarcastic, pretentious brown-noser.
Intimidating, womanizer. You are slick, shallow, and glossy...just like Blush Magazine.

4.) Before you worked for Blush you......?
I was a College Nerd-boy.
I was learning to be a
I was the best model in the business!
News anchorwoman, but got fired for sabotaging a fellow anchorwoman on the air.
A womanizer, why?
I don't remember....but i like Owls
None of these.

5.) You fail to....
grasp the concept of
live with this aging thing....i am should remain sexy till the end!
understand people of the opposite also have very sensitive feelings, and that causing trouble is not in anyones best intrest
understand that you aren't what you claim to be
get that Nina doesn't like you, and that she has a gun
make the magazine 'smarter'
keep long relationships

6.) You view your boss with:
caring but often have confrontaions with him
hero-worship and occasional disdain
He scares me! (Cry)
I don't have a boss
antagonism, I also love challenging the old man

7.) In your spare time(and also sometimes at work) you
try new intellectual ideas, and help people
antagonize Maya at work all the time
photograph hotties
sleep with hotties and pranks
care for my pet
Manipulate everyone in sight!

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