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» Quiz: Which NYPD Blue Character are you?
Which NYPD Blue Character are you?
created by Jesseh the Sexeh

For all you NYPD Blue fans, here's a quiz to determine which of the fabulous characters you are! All the result descriptions are from http://www.stwing.upenn.edu/~sepinwal/text1.html

1.) An old woman is walking down the street a few feet ahead of you and some jerk steals her purse. Your first reaction is to;
Scream obscenities at him.
Call 9-1-1!
Pull my revolver
Just run after the rat bastard!!!
Make sure the old woman isn't badly hurt.
Mumble something along the lines of Goddamn Jag Off while my partner runs 'em down.
Corner the perpetator and beat the hell out of him
Motion for the units to dispurse. You've been waiting for this bastard to take the bait in this takedown operation all day.
Pose as a pros. to get the thiefs attention and then kick him in the face. Latino justice baby!
Put a rush on a bus for the old woman and wait for your big sexy boyfriend to kick ass.

2.) Say you or your significant other got pregnant, what would be your intial reaction once you found out?
I'd find it to be a big burden on my life instead of a blessing. Thankfully my boyfriend is behind me in my choice to get an abortion.
I would be a bit shocked as I insist both me and my partner use protection. But after growing up with no father, I would take care of my child.
I'm too goddamn old to have kids. Are you stupid or something?
How could I get anyone pregnant? I'm in my fifties, I'm divorced and I've got two daughters as is. But I'd be pretty happy should I have more kids.
I'd be overjoyed! We never thought we could have children, it would be like a miracle.
Me, a kid? Hell I wouldn't want a kid. I act like a kid most of the time anyway!
After raising my baby sisters when I was disowned at ten it wouldn't be that difficult for me. I'd have more trouble with the commitment than anything
A BABY?! This would be my second chance at being a good mother, and this time I'd do a bang-up job. I'd do anything for the baby- Anything.
I hate kids so it wouldn't work out.

3.) Pick a group of words that appeal to you
Teamwork, family, career
Justice, Love, Passion
Maternal, Regret, Hope
Brooding, defensive, dedicated
Commitments, past, change
Childish, ideals, goals
Mature, unafraid, fiesty
Unsure, mistrust, accuracy
Cheery, consoling, well-meaning

4.) What would most people say is your most attractive feature?
My sexy yet slight accent
My massive and impressively proportioned shoulders.
My elf like ears that pop through my hair, isn't that adorable?
My deep-set eyes, they're perfect for staring a suspect down.
My handle-bar mustache.
My baby-face, it's just too cute for the older lady cops to resist.
My ghetto booty! When I was in vice it earned me several positions to pose as a hooker and take down some serious slime-balls.
My red hair....and no goddamnit it isn't dyed!
My 'naughty teacher' voice

5.) What do you look for in a potential lover?
I'm not looking for one, I'm too busy taking care of my poor old mother.
Someone who understands me as a person and doesn't objectify me...and they have to love bee-bop, me and bee-bop are a package.
Someone with kids of their own and a big heart. I need some dependable, who i can turn to with my problems.
Hell, I'm not worth loving. I'll take anything that comes along.
Someone old enough to understand that my kid will always be first.
A lady who will baby the hell out of me and tend to my every whim. What! Can't I dream?
I'm already married.
Someone above ground.
Someone deep...and sexy!

6.) If you were a food, what food would you be?
A Chulupa!
Some dark chocolate mousse
Angel Food Cake
Stuffed Peppers
A Lemon.
Tobasco Sauce.
A Chicken Burger?
A salad

7.) Well the quiz is over, what did you think?
I would hope to see better performance from you!
It was well done. You should be very proud.
It was nice sweet-heart! (Me: Sweetheart? Are you on crack?)
It was fine, but you might wanna get a second opinion, I've never been a very good judge of that sort of thing.
It sucked you bitch! (Me: Go bang yourself buddy!)
What was that? I was fixing my hair :)
Work on the punctuation chica.
Faboo darling!
I think there'll be a supeona on your desk by morning Miss. Bishop, if that is your real name. (Me: Bitch.)

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