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» Quiz: Would I ever date you?(Guys ONLY)
Would I ever date you?(Guys ONLY)
created by Angels_Punishment

Boys, take this quiz to see if I'd ever date you!!

1.) You're at a rave and the glostick dancer is a gothic chic named Kyla. She is finished with her dance and walks over to you and introduces herself. She says you're hot... what do you do/say?
Pull her towards you and grab her ass and kiss her passionately then take her upstairs to the room
Push her away beat the shit out of her and leave the party
You hold her head with your hand and wrap your other one around her waist and kiss her then pull away slowly
You kiss her then walk away and start making out with someone else

2.) Okay, you and the girl are up in a room alone. She sits next to you on the bed then pushes you down and lays on you and starts making out with you and then starts to take off her pants. What do you do?
You pull her closer and tighter and want to fuck her but then you get up and walk away
You strip for her then jump on top of her and start fucking her as hard as you can and play with her breasts
You push her away and start puking then run away
You make out for a second then make up an excuse to leave

3.) The girl stands up on the bed, its a canopy bed, and starts to pole dance. What do you do?
You watch entranced and want to get up there and lick her, taste her
You pull her down and then push her against the wall and fuck her so hard that she passes out
You walk out disgusted
You give her 5bucks and walk away

4.) The girl lays you on the bed and then sits on you and starts to ride you hard. What do you do?
Moan loudly and grab her hips and help her go harder and faster you can't control your urges and you start to cum inside her
You puke on her and smack her then walk away
You are disgusted, give her five dollars and leave
You enjoy it for a few moments

5.) The girl asks you to finger her, What do you do?
Say -Ill do more than that!- and fist her
You say -fuck you-
You stick your finger in her then walk away, its nasty
You finger her for a while and suddenly get bored

6.) The girl comes to your house a week later and you're home alone for a whole month, what do you do?
You pull her in the house and take her up to your parents room and throw her on the big bed, strip all her clothes off and pound her so hard she bleed
You slam the door in her face and tell her to fuck off
You invite her in and make out
You fuck her then dump her ass, you just wanted sex

7.) Finally.... would you want to fuck me?
Yes, you're kinky!
Meh, you;re okay
No, youre a slut
I'd have a one night stand with you

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