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» Quiz: Which song describes you?
Which song describes you?
created by bedtimebear9789

Basically, I came up with a list of songs, and the one you get best describes your mood. You don't have to like the song, as you probably won't, but it's just supposed to be a mood thing, so get over it.

1.) You see a person who you've liked for a while walking by you. What do you do?
Ask them to a movie! It's dark, and if it isn't going well, nobody can see us leave.
Say nothing. You know they're out of your league.
Walk right on up and ask 'em out! If they say no, they'll be the one missing out!
Blush and turn your head away, not knowing what to say.
You and this other person have had a cloudy past, and you offer an apology for whatever you did wrong.
Ask them over and add with a wink that they'll have a lot of fun.

2.) Paint.
........Face..... paint?
Good for adding finishing touches to big projects.
I'll paint a picture of my secret love :)
I'll paint the town red!

3.) What would you say your strengths are?
Great physical strength! I may look scrawny, but I could take on a raging bull!
I have a quick wit and can avoid tough situations
I have no emotions. Yes, this is a strength! You can't get hurt emotionally if you don't care about anything!
I can dance! I seem to effortlessly glide across the floor.

4.) Which of these do you find doing most often?
Hanging out in a cemetary visiting your friends or family
Trying to make people laugh with my crazy acts
Starting debates and arguing with just about everyone

5.) You go out for Halloween (even if you may not, pretend you do.) What do you go out as?
Something scary! Like a Frankenstein creation with your friends as a posse of spooky characters to scare the children
Heh, It's the one day I can go out in a short skirt with devil horns without anyone thinking badly of me :)
A superhero!! You get a fun cape and everyone loves you!
A mime. Everybody hates you.
Something which requires a cool hat, and makes you look so damn sexy!

6.) One word you would use to describe yourself would be:
A little naughty ;)
Crazy!! o.O

7.) You wear:
Slightly short pants with fun, bright socks (to show them off, of course! I luff my socks!)
Tattered or torn jeans, usually with a cool looking top.
One word: Pinstripes!
Kinda normal clothes. Nothing to draw attention.
Some nice leather or pleather, or animal print. Rawr!
Clean, pressed, perfect clothes. Wrinkles are evil!

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