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» Quiz: How Many Kids Will You have?
How Many Kids Will You have?
created by MommyTyrant

Ever wonder how fertile you are? How many kids you may have? In this day and age, it doesn't always take always take a marraige to make some babies.. All it takes is love. See here, if love is all YOU need.

1.) Do you smoke pot?
Nope never!
All the time! I'm stoned right now!
Not really no...
Every now and then. LLike once or twice a year.
Not anymore.

2.) How often do you drink? Alcohol that is...
I'm a lush
Special occasions. That kinds of stuff..
I'm not old enough to drink... But I do anyway...
Only on the sabbath. I'm a nun. No literally.

3.) What kind of drunk are you?
I told you, I don't drink. I'm a nun.
A happy drunk
A horny drunk
An Angry Drunk... GRRR
A Stupid Drunk... You know who you are
A Deviant Drunk (The ones that cheat on their spouses and blame it on the beer....)

4.) Are you Catholic?
Um.. No
Yes. But non-practicing...
Yes. Devoout. Hallelujah!

5.) Are you mormon?
Hell No!

6.) What is your first thought when you see a baby?
Ewww. It's drooling..
How cute! A baby!!! Awww!
Mental Note: Go buy condoms..
Look at the mom... Slut...
You fantasize about what YOUR kids would look like and maybe possible names.
You hardly even notice.

7.) Speaking of condoms... What are your thoughts...
Every time, Any time, I make sure I... and uh... the other party, is protected.
I try to remember them. Sometimes though, passion just gets in the way.
I'm allergic to latex. So I can't use condoms.
I'm allergic to latex, but I KNOW about other KINDS like vinyl.. and use those instead, thank you!
Ya. I always keep one in my wallet!

8.) Last question..
What was that girl's (guy's) name last night?
Who are you and why are you in my underwear?
Why am I sleeping next to the toilet?
You think this dress makes my tummy look fat?
I'm lit up like a hooker on madi gras!
I like animals. They are nicer than people.
I wonder what air tastes like?
I honestly don't know if I have a kid.. or kids... Hmmm?
Why does everyone hate me?

9.) Pick a word...

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