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» Quiz: What does your music taste say about you?
What does your music taste say about you?
created by taintedsoul

This is a quiz alot like many others on this site, but you have probably taken all of them too, so why not try mine ;-D?

1.) Which of these lyrics appeal to you the most?
Everytime I try to fly I fall/ without my wings I feel so small.
Save me, smiling Jesus, get off that cross/ Hate me, screaming masses, I don't care if I'm lost
You better swallow your pride or you're gonna choke on it/ you better swallow your values because they turn to shit.

2.) Which of these band names appeal to you the most?
The killing Machine
Bar of Soap
The bubble gummers

3.) Ok, that question sucked. Which of these bands do you listen to more than twice a week?
Green day
Simple plan
The Sex Pistols
Good Charlotte
Other (mostly metal)
Other (mostly punk)
Other (mostly pop, rock, and pop punk)

4.) What is your favorite band symbol?
The Blink 182 (the smiley face, or tour bus)
HIM symbol, or Pentagram
The Misfit's skull symbol

5.) Finally, what is your favorite part of music? (i.e. favorite instrment to hear)
Bass, drums, and electric guitar
piano, synthesizer
air drums,(those who like this know what I'm talking about, if you don't know what they are, don't click this) and electric guitar with distorter.

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