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» Quiz: What CHARMED character are you?
What CHARMED character are you?
created by Miss Charmed

c above

1.) How would you describe yourself?
Strong-willed, confident
Loving, kind,
Easy-going, fun
Ignorant, strong-willed
Kind, loving
Dangerous (at times)

2.) Favourite colour/colours?
Black and Red
Anything except orange (the colour of fire)
Pink or Peach

3.) If a demon attacked you, you would??
Throw him across the room, and kick his/her ass
Ask him for help?
Beat him up a little bit, then remember you used to knew him back in '35
get anyone in the immediate area to safety, then get your friends to beat him up
Throw heavy objects at him/her
use your amazing karate skills to beat it till it dies
Blow him up :)

4.) if you could have any power, what would it be?
Running away really fast
Energy balls
Freezing people

5.) Worst kind of bad-guy in your opinion?
The kind that thinks they can beat me..ME!!
the kind that hurts the ones I love
the kind that gains you trust, then betrays you :(
The kind that tricks me
Every kind
Bad-guys are'nt really that bad
Bad-guys are the BEST!! Long live Evil!!

6.) Who's your fave Charmed character?
Leo, I love him
Piper, I love her
Prue, she's really strong-willed, or Paige, same reason
Piper and Phoebe, for looking after Paige
Prue and Piper, for looking after Phoebe
Phoebe, I'll always love her

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