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» Quiz: How Good Are Your Orgasms?
How Good Are Your Orgasms?
created by mattsbitch

are you missing out on something? only one way to find out

1.) When you hear someone moan it reminds you of...
a cat
getting naked in the rain
moaning? what the fuck are you talking about
ur hot sister
i need to take a shit

2.) when you have an orgasm how do you feel?
like i could die the next second and be happy
emm.. i feel ok
gasp! u said orgasm. im telling my mom
i never remember. my mind goes blank
do it again!

3.) when you daydream what is it usually about?
naked girls, orgies.
flowers and rainbows and fluffy bunnies
the devil
i dont daydream

4.) how often do you touch yourself?
touch myself? ew you're dirty
haha. are you kidding? im doing it right now
whenever i think of my cat
everyday, everynight.
when someone is there to help me.

5.) are you a virgin?
huh? me? um.... does my dog count?
yes. i dont want cooties
virgin? whats that
dont ask me kinky questions
no. but im not a whore either so fuck off

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