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» Quiz: are you really a virgin?
are you really a virgin?
created by DarkFallenAngel

you may or may not have had sex...but do you act like it?

1.) when watching a romance movie and you are singel what do you do?
go off into a day dream and have your friends wake you up saying you were drooling
look away and act embarrased
satrt talking about all the chances you have/had like the one you see
ask yourself out loud why you cant be like that

2.) in sex ed class....
you have no problem puttin on the condom in class
your face turns red when your teacher mentions the
you ask alot of questions because you dont know what to expect
you try to act all hard but when they ask you to demonstrate you say no

3.) you have a big stuffed Tiger in your closet, you....
hear a sexy song come on the radio and you ride Tiger and his spring in his tail busts
you turn it off cuz it reminds you of the chance you once had
you put it away because you had Tiger with your boyfriend at one time
you feel really awkward when you mom comes in the door to wake you up

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