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» Quiz: Would I date you?(Girls only) Updated
Would I date you?(Girls only) Updated
created by Totallytwisted

This is a quiz to see if I would date you if I knew you. This is a updated version of my old quiz. I added a few questions.

1.) What color are your eyes?
1. Blue
2. Brown
3. Green
4. Hazel
5. Something else

2.) What color is your hair?
1. Black
2. Brown
3. Red
4. Blonde
5. Brown with blonde highlights
6. Strawberry blonde
7. Light Brown
8. Something not listed

3.) How long is your hair?
1. Short
2. Shoulder length
3. Middle of my back
4. Down to my ass
5. What hair???
6. Something not listed

4.) What kind of body do you have?
1. Skinny
2. Average
3. More cushin for the pushin

5.) How old are you?
1. 17 and under
2. 18-21
3. 21-25
4. 25 and up

6.) What kind of music do you listen to?
1. Rock/metal
2. Rap
3. R&B
4. Country
5. Pop
6. A little bit of everything

7.) What type of clothes do you wear?
1. Jeans and a T-shirt
2. Gothic
3. I dress thugish
4. I dress like a girl should
5. What ever I feel like wearing that day
6. What ever is clean
7. Clothes.....I dont wear clothes I feel they are to restricting.....lol
8. None of the above

8.) What would we do on a first date?
1. We would go to dinner and the movies
2. We would go out clubbin and bar hopping
3. We would rent movies and have a romantic night at your house
4. We would go to a concert
5. Go to the mall and hang out
6. We would go to the park and have a picnic
7. We would spend the day at the beach and sit there till sunset
8. Screw the date!!! We would fuck all night

9.) If I were to buy you something expensive what would you do?
1. Say thank you
2. Say thank you and give me a hug
3. Say thank you and give me a kiss
4. Take me into the bedroom and fuck my brains out as a way to say thanks
5. Think to yourself "What a fucking sucker" and laugh
6. Something not listed

10.) What do you look for in a guy?
1. Sense of humor
2. Honesty
3. A loving, caring guy
4. All of the above
5. I look to see if he has a great car
6. I look for what he can give me
7. Its all about the money he has
8. Answers 5-7

11.) Have you ever cheated on someone?
1. Yes
2. No
3. Yes, but they cheated on me first
4. NO!!! I think it's wrong to cheat on someone so I would never do it

12.) Are you kinky?
1. Hell Yeah!! The kinkier the better...bring on the leather and whips
2. Depends on my mood
3. Nope
4. Whats Sex?.......

13.) Where are you most likely to have sex?
1. In a bed...Duh
2. Anywhere there is a chance we could get caught
3. In the shower.....all hot and wet
4. In the back seat of a car
5. On the couch
6. Anywhere you want to
7. On a trampoline would be a cool place to have sex
8. I don't have sex

14.) What's you bra size? (Sorry I'm a tit guy..I love breasts.. lol)
1. A cup
2. B cup
3. C cup
4. D Cup
5. Bigger than a D
6. Does it matter? You will never see them

15.) Do you Drink?
1. I am drunk right now
2. Only on the weekends
3. Every once and a while
4. No I dont touch the stuff

16.) Do you do drugs?
1. I'm always high
2. I get high atleast once a week
3. Every now and again
4. Don't touch the stuff

17.) So now that you got through my quiz do you think you would date me?
1. Yes
2. Maybe
3. No
4. No way in hell you already wasted enough of my time doing this stupid quiz
5. Hell Yea I would....Were do you live?

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