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» Quiz: What Does Your Soul Originate From?
What Does Your Soul Originate From?
created by FadingAway202

I dunno, it's a quiz about your Soul? I'm Water. YEAH! POWER TO THE WATER!

1.) (A) Where would you most likely be?
a. In my backyard sun tanning in my brand new bikini!
b. Anywhere high so I can gaze up at the beauty of the Moon and Stars
c. You probably wouldn't see me cause I would be out during the Night. Because that's when I feel most awake and alive
d. You'd see me either inside staring at the flame of a candle, or lighting a match outside.
e. By or in the Ocean. I can't live without my Water.
f. It would be impossible to see me. I hide myself from the world. This Forest is my home. And as long as it's dark, it's fine
g. You'd see me away from all the hustle and bustle of the world. Probably in my room or walking by myself. I hate the noise

2.) 2.) What's your favorite Element?
a. Sun
b. Moon
c. Night
d. Fire
e. Water
f. Forest
g. Silence

3.) 3.) What would people most likely say to you?
a. Oh, I'm the one that's always talking, most likely saying
b. Well, they usually tell me to stop staring at the Moon and come play. But how can I? It's so beautiful
c. People don't talk to me, they're kind of afraid of meplus I'm not out until Night.
f. People don't talk to me. Because they don't know where I am, or even who I am
g. If somebody talks to me, it's rare, cause I don't like to talk. I'm usually the person in the corner that's silent all day. I'm most likely i

4.) 4.) What's so unique about you?
a. Well, when other people have been in the Sun too long, they start to get hot. I never do. The sun is my friend.
b. It seems that whenever I look at the Moon, my body is overcome with Joy
c. I'm not sure exactly, the Night is when I feel awake. I sleep during the day, Is that unique?
d. I can touch fire, and not get burnt! Sticks finger in fire
e. I can go under Water and yet can't drown!
f. I'm terribly good at hide and go seek
g. I somehow don't talk to people, and don't go crazy.

5.) 5.) Why do you like your Element so much?
a. Because it keeps people warm. And no one minds that!
b. Because it's so beautiful. Even when the darkness of the Night is surrounding it, it still shines brightly. Kind of reminds me of me in the w
c. I love the Darkness in the Night. For some reason, I can see through the Darkness. I just wish it was that Dark all the time
d. Because when it doesn't burn me, it can burn other people! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!! Also, it's reallllllllly cool!
e. I have such a strong bond with it. Without it, I can't live.
f. Because it's away from people, and it's easy to hide in, and it's also beautiful, quiet, and dark
g. Because listenIt's the sound of nothing. You can't hear the rest of the world

6.) 6.) What's your favorite animal? Doesn't matter if it's real or not.
a. BUNNIES! Bright and cheery! Just like me!
b. WolfEvery night it comes out and howls at the Moon. I hear it. It's such a soothing sound.
c. Bats, they only come out at Night. I'm not afraid of them, and they're not afraid of me.
d. PHOENIX'S!!!!!!!!!!! Huge Fire birds that can burn people. Kinda like me..BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!
e. Dolphins, they swim all day in the Water. Graceful and so beautiful
f. Leopards, they live in trees, just like me
g. Snakes, silent and unique in their own way. Exactly like me

7.) 7.) What do you do most of the time?
(A) Sun tan or play with all my friends!
(B) Lay and stare at the heavenly bodies of the Moon and Stars
C) Fly around haunting house to house with my dark personality.
(D) Light matches and then BURN THINGS!! YEAH!
(E) Oh, gosh, I do lots of stuffhmmmost likely swimming, playing with the animals of the Ocean, or Controlling Water and making it rain!
(F) I'm always in the Forest sulking connecting with the foliage
(G) I walk and think about my life. Or lay on the grass listening to pure silence. It's so good


9.) It's the end of the quiz!
(A) AWWW! I was just having fun too!
(B)I want to go stare at the Moon
(C) Good, I can go haunt people some more
(D) Ok! I'll try not to burn anything
(E) I can go swimming some more while thinking about my life...
(F) Good, now leave me alone. I can go back to sulking
(G) Silence is good...

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