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» Quiz: What do you ride?
What do you ride?
created by Kentucky_Wild_n_Western

What do you ride Western bareback not sure or english

1.) Manes and tails...
left alone but maybe brushed
ALWAYS braided
literally in my face
cut or trimmed but you know it's hair!

2.) To get your horse to move you...
kick and or whip hard or lightly
talk to the horse and squeeze your legs
sit forward and urge the horse
kick um and beg!

3.) My music is...
Country and Bluegrass!
what ever is
rock 'n' roll
ummm well I like a lot of stuff or it wasn't mentioned

4.) Sports
Dressage Jumping hunter
um i don't know
Rodeo cattle drives ranch work
racing or just galloping who needs too much sports

5.) You want a horse to be...
wild and free spirited!
a horse

6.) You prefer what breed(s) of horse
mustang thoroughbred paint quarter horse etc.
warmblood arabian maybe a thoroughbred or a pony!
thoroughbred or mustang or mixbred
I don't care!

7.) I like horses because
How can I possibly ever explain to you I'm one of them us we are one!
because they are fast! fast and cool!
because they do work they walk high headed and high step and are straight
because i'll get back to you on this
I really don't know...

8.) You talk like...
Hey y'all howdy ain't etc.
proper with and elegant accent
I sort of don't talk to people much
I talk like a person

9.) You call your riding
ummmm i don't know really
a farm?

10.) You like to ride what?
Western ewwwwww no not english ever maybe a little bareback
english never anything else
in a saddle
bareback doy!

11.) you are found in
the country!
the city
in a deserted forest no one will find me!

12.) You are you now what do you think
That rodeo is coming up soon...
no one will find me ever ever ever!
I wonder what I'll have to eat?

13.) A strange stallion has bred your mare you...
Ok fine with me better prepare for the foal
No! NO! I must destroy it. My mare is pure!
Yay! Now I can have my own herd!
Yay a pony

14.) You like to...
Hang with the horses and chill with my horse in the pasture
ride around looking for unknown things where no one will find me!
Train my horse or shop
I like to do stuff

15.) You have just gat an untamed mustang you...
Bond with the horse and slowly gain trust
Never! I would never get a mustang!
have someone train it
ride him! he likes me he will

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