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» Quiz: What Final Fantasy X/X-2 Girl Are You?
What Final Fantasy X/X-2 Girl Are You?
created by Technologicque

Have you ever been playing a Final Fantasy game, and thought, I wonder what Final Fantasy girl I would most relate to... Well, I'm sure we all have! And now you can find out! All you have to do is take my little quiz! Enjoy!

1.) First of all, what type of girl do you consider yourself to be?
The sweet, quiet type, but with a wild side!
Very outgoing, friendly, hyper, party girl.
Dark and mysterious, always ready to stand up and defend yourself. Not very trusting of others when you first meet them.
Beautiful, mysterious, powerful, and secretive.
Devious, comes off as slightly evil and uncaring, puts yourself before others.
I'm a boy. A whiny, somewhat girly boy.

2.) Now, to get an idea of your personality, I need you to pick your favorite color, of these choices.

3.) If you could have your dream man right at this moment, what would he be like?
Just like me
He would be a blonde, whiny, slightly girly boy, but very caring and loving and unafraid to share his emotions. He would be sexy too!
A cute boy, that knows how to party! Oh yeah!
He would have orange-ish hair that sticks straight up. It's just this fetish I have... He would also be into sports, and dedicated to what he does.
I prefer the crippled men. He walks with a limp, has long hair, and wears glasses. But he is a great leader, which is what makes him so attractive.
He would be dark and mysterious, like me. And very poetic. A good warrior is what I want. But he also has to know how to love... :sigh:

4.) If no one was watching, would you take a bath in a hot spring with 2 other females?
Well... um... I guess I'll try anything once. :giggles:
Yes, of course! I would also model my swimsuit, and check out my female friends body's as well!
:Sigh: Well, I guess if I'm pressured into it. But I would probably go over into the corner by myself. I like my privacy.
No, I'm too mature for that.
Yes, I like showing off my body,
I'm a boy, of course I would! Just because I'm girly and sensitvie doesn't mean I don't like watching females bathe together!

5.) What kind of morals do you have?
Bah, I don't have morals!
I'm modest, and I always do the right thing.
Morals? I live to party! I do my thing! Go with the flow baby!
I'm old fashioned, and stuck in my ways. I am very proper and I don't do anything that causes trouble.
I'm open minded, but I know my boundaries.
I'm sensitive and caring toward all things. I love doing the right thing!

6.) If you could be doing anything right now, what would it be?
I would be living happily... with him... :Sigh:...
Ruling the world and reaking havoc upon all things! Mwah hahahahahahaha!
Living happily with my love, Yuna.
Fighting and defending my cause!
All I want is to live in peace, with my family.

7.) Pick the animal that you think best describes your personality.
A puppy dog!
A moogle
A weasel
A cat. Me-oW!
A bird, soaring through the air...

8.) If the world was in danger, what would you do to save it?
I would save it by looking cute and kickin' ass! WooOOOoOOO!
I would sacrifice my life, in order to save the ones I love. It is my destiny.
I would fight with all my might!
Save the world? Ha! I would be the one putting it in danger in the first place!
I would do anything to protect the one I love.
I wouldn't be the one to save it, but I would protect the one who does with my life.

9.) Do you like causing trouble?
Oh yeah! I'm a mischeivous little gal!
No, I don't like disrupting things. I hate being rude...
I don't cause trouble, trouble finds me.
Yes, I live to cause trouble. Mwah hahahaha!
No. I'm too old and mature for that.
No, I'm too much of a pansy to cause trouble.

10.) And lastly, your weapon of choice?
A Moogle, with magical powers.
The Flee option.
Love! :)
Powerful summons. Or a gun!
One of those fold out paper fans...
A powerful sword.

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