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» Quiz: Which Beyonce song are you?
Which Beyonce song are you?
created by cool_cute_girl

Find out which Beyonce song you are?

1.) You are going out with your friends what do you wear?
A sexy top with a cute mini skirt
Shirt that says: i love my boo
A sporty outfit: T-shirt, sweat pants and sneakers
Really Tight Pants and a cute lil bra like top

2.) What is your fave place to hang out?
At A club dancing all night long
Playing basketball duh?
At the Beach with my friends...dancing and having fun
Going to the movies with my boo..

3.) How do your friends describe you?
Boy Toy..party animal..duh
Sporty and fun.. independent
In love.....with my boo....
sexy but sweet..

4.) Who is your fave artist?
Huh?? Sorry didn't get that
I like artists like Avril because they kick ass!!
I like anything that is catchy and easy to dance to
Tupac, Ja Rule, Twista, R.Kelly, anything like that

5.) What do you think of this quiz?
Its hot
It kicks ass
Its sexy..i like it a lot

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