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» Quiz: What All-American reject Song Are You?
What All-American reject Song Are You?
created by aar_rocks

Find out what All-American Reject song best suits you! For more All-American Reject info and additional stuff... visit my own website swing-swing.tripod.com! Enjoy the quiz!

1.) What is the closet answer to your ideal date?
Asking my date to marry me because our wait for destined won't do!
I can't picture it... I just had a terrible break up...
Something not to worry about and will set me free!
Us all alone, and it feels like time is still!
A drive to the sunset

2.) What is your heart like?
I love this person forever and today!
My heart is like paper!
My heart as turned away...
My heart is broken and in tangles.
My heart has been broken, and I am trying not to miss her/him.

3.) Your worst sceniro?
Someone playing with me, and making my heart upset!
After a breakup, my ex dating others... and I am not
I wanna be set free, but my girl/boyfriend won't allow it.
People are calling me crazy.
The day that my ex left.

4.) What is your favourite thing in a playground?
The Swings!
Playing a game of tag all around the park!
The tire swing... because it goes in all directions!
I like the whole park but I like playing there at sunset!
Playing freese tag all over the park... but then no one will set me free!

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