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» Quiz: Hardest Psychopathic Quiz EVER!
Hardest Psychopathic Quiz EVER!
created by SoopaNinjalo

Think you know Psychopathic? THINK AGAIN! Try this quiz out to test your knowledge. Good Luck and MCL.

1.) What does the Ringmaster's forks up forks down mean?
it's a wannabe gang sign to attract posers to join the gang life.
3 and 3 equals 6....6 joker cards.
One points to heaven, the other points to hell.

2.) How many stars are on Milenko's turbin?

3.) What animal is rumored to been seen on the book that the Wraith appears from?
A crow
A Butterfly
A Dove

4.) Now for the Wicked Shit: Which person was NOT reported to be a member of Dark Lotus?

5.) How many bullets are embedded in Blaze's dead body?

6.) Which Alias does Esham Not go by?
Fetus Killer
Hockey Daddy

7.) In Hollywood I'm Coming, Who are the disses aimed at?
Bubba Sparks

8.) T/F: The Hell's Pit tour marks the first time ICP and Mack 10 have ever shared the stage

9.) T/F: Eminem was once a juggalo?

10.) If you responded true to 9, what tattoo did he have? If you answer false, just skip this.
Carnival of Carnage
He did not have a tattoo!!

11.) Who is Moon Glorious?
No one really knows, He just kinda shows up.
A flavor of Faygo
He's pretty much the gay side of Violent J.

12.) Which WWF wrestler HATES ICP?
The Rock
The Undertaker

13.) Who stabbed Blaze and stole his Clock necklace at the 2001 GOTJ?
A member of the 3 6 Mafia
A crazed fan

14.) Blaze's song Str8 outta detriot is a cover of what band?
Getto Boyz
Westside Connection

15.) What is Violent J's signature move in JCW?
The Moonsault
50's style Hip Toss
A Fuckin Chairshot!!!

16.) In the song Halls of Illusions, who's family is the second one decribed?
Violent J's

17.) The Idea of the Dark Carnival being God was something no one saw coming
The messages and hints were there.
Shangri:La was the only accouncement of this being true
The messages were to complex to figure out

18.) Which was ICP's first ever tour?
Howl From Beyond
Pie In Your Fuckin Face
The Freak Show

19.) Which of the following is the KMK/Twiztid tour that never happened?
Smokey Coffin Tour
Stoned Graveyard Tour
Blazed Skulls Tour

20.) What is JJ-4?
A lamp ductaped to a a propane tank
A fuckin' robot that hosted that one Puple Show Episode!
Joe and Joey 2004

21.) Which is not a character on the Purple Show?
Handicapped Hotdog
Big Silva
Asteroid Andy

22.) Jumpsteady is better known as which JCW wrestler?
Evil Dead
New Jack

23.) On the CD Black Rain, what poem does the opening verse come from?
Heart Of Darkness
The Witch Of Coos

24.) At what point did Esham sell out and change from unholy to boogieman?
After Acid Rain
After Repentance
After I saw the video for Woo Woo Woo

25.) Which artist is not featured on AJB?
Ol Dirty Bastard
Snoop Dogg

26.) In the eyes of most juggalos, what is the lowest point of ICP's career?
Seeing Let's Go All The Way on MTV
ALL of Ray Day
The whole Disney/Hollywood Records crap

27.) T/F: Blaze has remade a version of the classic song Deadbody Man?

28.) Who is not an announcer for Stranglemania?
Diamond Donovan Douglas
Lama Namaumi

29.) Twiztid's song The Joker is a cover to what group?
The Doors
Steve Miller Band
Guns N Roses

30.) ABK was once a hypeman for who?

31.) On which hand is ABK's famous nub located?

32.) What is the full title of the gay version of the world is hell off of the Green Book?
Serial Killa Remix
12 inch westcoast underground dive-by murder mix
Acid rap Mix

33.) What does F.T.I. stand for?
Fans that illustrate
Fuck the Indusrty
Fuck The Indians

34.) ABK is from what Indian tribe?

35.) Twiztid got the quote Magic Magic Ninjas What? from what V-Ice song?
TMNT rap
Ice Ice Baby

36.) What was H.O.K.'s first release?
Season of the Pumpkin
Home Bound
Home Sweet Home

37.) What H.O.K. song is a DISS towards ICP and Esham?
Losers wear Clown Paint
Satanic for Life
Negative Vibes

38.) Which Serial Killa has never made an appearance at a Twiztid concert?
Leather Face
Michael Myers
Freddy Kruegger

39.) Which ECW wrestler broke Violent J's ear drum?
Tommy Dreamer
The Whole F'n Show Rob Van Dam!

40.) What will happen when the Final Joker's Card has risen?
Hell on Earth
The end of time will consume us
Like Black Rain said, ICP will kill themselves

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