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» Quiz: what kind of music are u born to listen to
what kind of music are u born to listen to
created by wicked_lee

what kind of music r u born to listen to

1.) when ur fav song comes on u???
run around and kick the fuck out of things
turn the bass up and untill ur subs blow out ur windows
stare at the poster on the wall
u dint know it did u where making out wit some chic
point ur shotgun in the air and shoot
pour urself a glass of wine

2.) who would u choose to see in consert
50 cent
brittany spears
garth brooks

3.) when having sex u???
take it slow
pound like a jackhammer
hit it frome the back
kiss and makeout but no sex
dont have sex
find a tree
two words ropes and handcuffs

4.) when pissed off u??
beat the fuck out of the closest thing to u no matter what it is
get some friends and settle it
talk shit about the person
pet ur dog
call ur theripist

5.) when drunk u
git pissed
pour one for ur homies
what....get drunk??
cry in ur beer
fuk fuk fuk

6.) u wear what kind of clothes
chains collars and nuthing but black
flannel and old jeans
suit and tie
2 words the gap
what did brittany wear the other night??

7.) you dream car is
bently baby
mustang black of course
car i want a truck baby
a new benz

8.) the po po pulls u over u
give him some lip but take the ticket
what po po shit!!!
call mom
take the ticket

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