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» Quiz: What Colour Is Ur Love Life??
What Colour Is Ur Love Life??
created by sexi_bebe69

find out the tru hue of ur crushing style... red-hot or not!

1.) at a dance or a club, ur probably:
chillin with ur gurls
flirting with different ppl
dancing thisclose with one guy

2.) delete this Q

3.) ur first question for a love psychic would be:
will i ever get a guy?
is he getting serious about me?
will he be mine forever?

4.) u get a note from a secret admirer... and:
go psshhhhh its probably just one of ur friends being stupid
hope its the guy u like
giggle and tell ur guy thanx

5.) if ur single on valentines day, u:
arent surprised
go out with ur single friends (and may even meet a guy)
get really depressed

6.) wen prom time comes, ur likely to go with:
ur closet guy friend
a cute guy u flirt with at work
ur boyfriend... who else?

7.) major track meeting coming up. ur exited to:
check out the events
warm up with the triple jumper u've had ur eye on
give ur crush a massage

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