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» Quiz: WWE
created by Marc_Hockey13

have you ever ask yourself which wrestler is exactly like you? well you click at the good place!

1.) What kind of wrestler are you?
an evil guy who likes to mess with people
if someone mess with you , they're dead?
a good guy with alot of fans?
a mental guy ?

2.) what would you like to do the most if you were a wrestler?
Stay Backstage and talk (you only fight when you have a match)
you go to the ring and you talk ( you only fight when you have a match)
you beat your ennemies where ever they are , you like to go talk on the ring .

3.) what weapon would you like to use the most ?
a sledge hammer?
a chair
you like to beat him with your own hands?
or a chaine with a lock on it? lol

4.) what can your finisher be?
Last Ride?
Five star frog splash?

5.) What title do you prefer , what title is your style?
HeavyWeight champion?
Intercontinental champion?
i dont want a title , me i like to fight?

6.) which one is your favorite wrestler?
The Undertaker?
Eddie Guerrero?
Ric fLAIR?
or John Cena

7.) who do you think that is like you? (last question )
The Undertaker (
ric flair
john cena
kurt angle
kane (, dont choose your favorite , choose the one that you think that hes like you .)

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