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» Quiz: Which TWIN PEAKS Girl Are You (now w/ photos)?
Which TWIN PEAKS Girl Are You (now w/ photos)?
created by RIPKINGDOME

NEW! Updated w/ better pictures & more results!

1.) What do you look for in a lover?
A quick fix. A stranger in the woods.
I look for true love. You may have to wait -- in order not to hurt someone you love -- but it's worth the wait.
Someone tall, dark and handsome. Someone I can trust, who is caring, but has a mystery for me to figure out. Someone charming.
Someone who will love me for who I am. Someone who needs to grow up, but can comfort me.
Someone I can grow old with.
Someone kind, sensitive. A simple type of love.
I only had one lover. And he was my One True Love. My heart will be his forever.
I look for someone I can listen to for hours on end. A good voice. I look for companionship more than "love"
Any ol' drifer will do.

2.) Your favorite style/ outfit:
Slutty. A black negligee with heels.
Businesswear. Basic suit. Nothing fancy.
What I wear doesn't matter.
Conservative. Warm sweaters, full skirts, socks, and shoes.
Casual. Bulky sweater, long skirt, a comfy overcoat.
My waitress uniform. Even when I'm not at work I'm either cleaning or cooking.
Expensive, customed tailored clothing. A short, pencil skirt (just above the knee), a fitted short sleeved sweater, and saddle shoes.
Preppy. Plaid skirt, sweater, cardigan, Mary Jane shoes, ankle socks.
Sexy. Little black dress, stockings, heels, and my locket. I enjoy clothing that shows off my body and makes me feel sexy.

3.) Favorite Accessory:
A friendship bracelet.
A birthstone ring.
A garter
Sunglasses. I stole them from my cousin. I feel like I am her when I wear them.
A simple strand of pearls.
My glasses.
An American flag lapel pin.
My green ring.
Half a locket on a chain.

4.) Favorite Color:

5.) Your occupation:
Waitress and Homemaker
I'm going to work in insurance.
Town Eccentric. It's a non-paying job.
Personal Secretary for FBI
Nothing permanent... I worked at a diner for awhile, before that I worked at a motel...
I was a student and I also turned tricks.
Volunteer work
I don't need to work. Someday maybe I'll work for my family, protect the company for the future.

6.) How do you get around town? Method of transportation?
I have my own car. A stationwagon.
I drive.
I commute via the train.
I hitch
I take my mom's car. I take whatever I want.
Sometimes I borrow my parents car, or my sisters bicycle.
My family has a town car and a driver.
I get rides from friends and co-workers.

7.) Hobbies:
Knitting and playing instruments.
Screwing around and messing around
Dancing and partying.
Sewing, poetry, playing violin
Spying, thinking, daydreaming
Watching TV, especially my favorite soap
Singing and cooking

8.) Favorite Snack:
I enjoy chewing on peach pits.
Hard liquor... On the rocks!
Milk and cookies
A refreshing glass of lemonade!
Black Coffee
Cherry Pie
Roast Beef Sandwich
Meatloaf and mashed potatoes

9.) How do you wear your hair?
Neat and Clean
Short, straight, and messy
Straight, long, blonde hair
Chin-length, dark, wavy
Short, black, and permed
Long, wavy, brown, no bangs
Shoulder-length, brown, wavy
Frizzy, blonde. I pull my hair up to keep it out of the way.

10.) What did you realize?
I realized that I was going to die. Fire Walk With Me.
I realized that I knew the truth -- I know everything!
I realized that the end is near.
That the killer drives a motorcycle.
I realized that I never really knew my cousin. Once we became teenagers we grew apart. I wished I had know her better. I wish I could have helped.
I realized that you cannot depend on anyone.
I realized that my father really does love me!
I relized that I'm in the most beautiful dream, and the worst nightmare.
When your falling, you lose all innocents, and you burn up into a ball of fire. And no one helps. Not even the angels.

11.) What did you see?
I saw myself, I was older. I handsome older man was with me. There was music, dancing midgets, and for the first time ever, I was truely happy.
I saw my friend die. I saw her soul die.
A life cut short as it was juts begining
I saw blood stains.
A white horse
I saw my boyfriend with a stack of adult magazines
A circle of Trees in the woods. I'd been there before.
The people that live above the convienience store.
That the killer has two faces.

12.) How is your family life?
I love Uncle Leland & Aunt Sara. I wish they weren't so sad. I'm glad I can help them.
I love my entire family -- my parents, my sisters.I wish I could visit them more. I hope they will love my baby & its father... whoever that is!
All my family is deceased. I loved my late husband so. Every moment of everyday I think of him. My parents were also good people.
My work is my family.
I'm not sure... I don't remember... I might be an orphan.
I hate my father... My father killed me!
I love both of my parents -- I thank God for such wonderful parents.
I don't like my family very much. My brother is crazy. I like my family's bank account.
My husband Leo hits me, and cheats on me. I used to think he was so cool.

13.) Vice of choice:
My lover
A glass of wine
Making love
I have no vices. They are bad, especially smoking. Smoking causes fires.

14.) Where did you hang out?
The Mar-T Cafe
The Park
The Roadhouse
The library
One Eyed Jacks
The Great Northern Hotel
Horne's Department Store

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