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» Quiz: what sort of boy are you looking for?
what sort of boy are you looking for?
created by perfectfifth

1.) Do you consider intelligence to be an aphrodisiac? Do you find yourself continously attracted to boys who read Dostoyevsky and/or represent their countries in maths competitions?
I couldn't be more attracted. Chekhov and/or multivariable calculus is very sultry.
It's a plus, sure, but that's not the deciding factor.
Oh why, those pedantic cretins are the sort that he would like to thrash.
I don't think he would have time for all that once we're together.

2.) What would be your reaction if you discovered that he had an online journal?
What larks! He's totally poking fun at Marty Willard.
Oh, that's nice. Maybe I can help him out with a new layout later, he's in serious need of that.
He's debating the unjust political system, fussing over upcoming finals, and doing a bit of musing? How darling.
Oh that's sweet, he writes about me all the time!

3.) What would be his position on politics?
He wouldn't mind shaking things up in a protest.
He ponders the issues seriously when he feels like doing so.
Maybe he's interested once in a while but generally he doesn't care much for it.
We don't need to care about things like that.

4.) In reference to sexual experience, would you prefer it if he:
Never had sex, never been kissed. He knows enough to wait for the proper person.
I don't mind much if he has experience.
Knows what he's doing and adores excitement and experimentation.
Reserves himself for me and only me, always and forever.

5.) What is your stance concerning boyish rough-housing?
He would rather do that with his friends instead of hang with me?
I don't mind it.
Its all right, he knows what he's doing.
Oh, he is so going to kick his chums' arses. I don't mind it at all, its somewhat sultry, really.

6.) Kiss Me!, you say. What's his reaction?
Of course, ma chere, he says and then kisses you passionately.
He speaks no words and just does so in addition to maybe slight groping, not at all heeding if it's a public place or not.
He gives you a quick kiss and smiles.
His face contracts in thought for a bit and he smiles at you and hugs you tightly instead.
You wouldn't need to pose such a statement, he pays an infinite amount of attention to you already.

7.) Say he had to support himself for university. What occupation should he have?
Librarian. We can read books in the lounge when he's done working.
Clothing store. He loves to purchase things for me, especially since he has a discount and all.
Fast food chain. His work is merely a means to and end at the moment.
He could go to movie theatres and pirate movies. Oh the thrill.

8.) Say that he's in a band and he's just composed a song. He would describe it to you as ...
Catchy riff about that one time Kenny threw up when we went to a carnival.
What I'd like to do to you later. Rawr.
The melody came to me in Music Theory, but the lyrics are about the conversation we had when we debated the possible existence of quintessence.
A song about my love.

9.) What would you consider impressive?
He sends you a bouquet of roses, one for each day that he's known and loved you.
He could actually stuff Marty Willard in the cupboard at the science lab.
He has one of the highest standardised test scores in the entire country.
He can make a sculpture of Mr Potato Head with mashed potatoes.

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