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» Quiz: You wanna' know which Punk/Hardcore band you are?
You wanna' know which Punk/Hardcore band you are?
created by TheShareef

Now's your chance.

1.) What kind of music is easiest for you to fall asleep to?
Something that sounds dark but has a light side to it... so if someone walks in at least I get what I want and I don't look like a sissy.
Something hardcore but with the kind of lyrics that make my heart ache oh so good.
Something about politics to fill my head with pleasent thoughts of slapping the Senate.
Something acoustic but with truthful lyrics and beautiful vocals not of the emo variety that lull me to sleep while covering various aspects of life.
Heart ache mixed with melodic riffs: The formula for a good night's listen.
Metal riffs with hardcore muffled voices help me get to bed faster.
I like falling alseep knowing that I'm listening to pure New Jersey punk mixed with amazing vocals and normal power-chord riffs.
Pure punk with a touch of hardcore gets me ready for bed and/or headbanging since I probably spend most of the my night's drinking anyway.
Only retro sounds will make me sleep.
A full orchaestra of goodness.
Loud emo vocals.... Mmmmmm...
I like oranges.

2.) So I get out of bed, what's do I do and feel?
I fix up my hair and put on my leather jacket. Alright!
God I hate my girlfriend but I love her but I hate her but I ad infinitum.
Grah, politics and such.
Grah, life problems and such.
So happy I have to scream.
I feel a little lost and lonely.
ONE MAN HOLDS THE TIME!! DUN dun dun DUN dun dun DUN dundundudndudn!
Anger and disdan.
Very... VERY drunk.
Like smoking a fag (cigarette, don't get any ideas).
Zoned out and depressed.
I like oranges.. EVEN FUCKING MORE!

3.) Which lyrics would make you want to listen to a song more?
As ice-cold hand reach in and grip into your heart! That's if you still got one that's left... inside that cave you call a chest!
This is our retribution! The night! Is dark as the city! OUR city!
Face the flag... in the land of hypocrisy! Free conquer, to rape, free to kill, free to take free to do... whatever's in your will!
And it's so much less confusing when lines are drawn like that... when people are either consumer or revolutionaires... enemies or friends...
Now it's time... now it's time tooooo die....
My weight this pain and anger expose it, mind turned outwards!Poured through my dirty fingers sharing pain and bliss, my ocean! Take my art offensive!
Nothing left to loose. Nothing to believe hands tied feet chained.
And just because you're not 21 that's not supposed to mean you can't have any fun! So come on raise your fist high, stage dive, don't care about....
Lie lie lie lie liar you lie! Lie lie lie lie tell me why tell me why... why you had to lie! Should've realised that you should've told the truth...
i dreamt of a fever, one that would cure me of this cold, winter set heart. with heat to melt these frozen tears and burned with reasons
Take my hand and scream about! Let's shed these tears and scream about! Without you in my heart! We will never fall apart!

4.) Just pick the song name that appeals to you the most.
Our Lady Of Sorrows
Lost And Lonely
Liberation Frequencies
Cliche Guevara
Until Dawn
Black Market Cigarettes
Tyranny In Small Misery
Cheap Shot Youth Anthem
Empty Room
God Save The Queen
If Winter Ends
Gafton Bridge

5.) What genre do you think you are?
Dark punk/ almost but not quite gothic
Grunge/Hard Punk
Punk - plain and simple
Old School punk

6.) I Got A Gun. Which of the following best describes your reaction to that?
I'll stare down the barrel and contemplate suicide.
I'll use it to make them suffer.
Damn gun control policies.
The weapon of war....
Well, use it already, jackass.
I'm going to think of some dark lyrics for that.
The best form of protection on the street.
Gun... Pistol... Hey, that's in the name of one of my favourite bands.
I'll use it to maker her suffer.
I'm so depressed, don't tempt me...

7.) Oranges.
What the fuck?
. .

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