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» Quiz: HoW do U kno if HE LIKES U??
HoW do U kno if HE LIKES U??
created by sexi_bebe69

u have a crush on sum1. u think he feels the same way... but cant be sure. take this quiz to find out if his heart beats as quickly as urs.

1.) wen talking to him, his body language most closely resembles:
a manic octopus
a friendly yet well-trained Rottweiler
a spider in a jar

2.) u stare deepy into his eyes. He:
stares back, as if tractor-beaming ur corneas
holds, then breaks the gaze
asks if he has food on his face

3.) u call him just to say hey. He:
sounds elated and says he was just thinking of calling u
is friendly and receptive to ur frantic small talk
says he has another call and clearly doesnt have call waiting

4.) u great him with a kiss. He:
clutches u like a life raft and frenches up the expierence
kisses u back warmly
pulls away and searches desperately for a pack of mentos

5.) u write him a poem. He:
calls u crying and sings it to u while playing guitar
tells u he thought it was cool
says he tried to read it, but has been really busy lately

6.) he sees u in the worlds tiniest mini. He says u look like:
pamela anderson
mandy moore
the mom in malcom in the middle (LOL)

7.) u r out with ur gorgeous friend and run into him. He:
steps on her foot to get closer to u
greets her politely and talks to both of u, while holding ur eye
tells her she should model for victorias secret

8.) u invite him over and suggest no one will be around. He:
jumps up and down and swings from a tree like a chimp
asks if he can bring sumthing
asks if he can bring sumone

9.) u offer him tickets to a cool show. He:
says he'd rather just chill alone with u
accepts and tells u he's looking forward to it
takes them and says, i was hoping to take this hot chick...thanks!!

10.) out of the blue, He:
shows up at ur place and says he was just walking by, although he lives across town
burns a CD for u, after u expressed an interest in his favourite group
tells u in great detail about his last bout with torrential stomach flu

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