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» Quiz: Which member of the Rat Pack are you (now w/ photos)?
Which member of the Rat Pack are you (now w/ photos)?
created by RIPKINGDOME

1.) What's your best talent?
I have no talents

2.) What do you look for in a dame?
Someone dependable & loving
All sexual organs intact & excellent working order
White girls.
Former Beauty Queens
A beautiful woman who'll let me see other broads

3.) How did you get famous?
I'm talented. It doesnt matter how I got famous I would have made it anyways.
I worked as a comedian for many years before anyone noticed me at all
I began entertaining in gambling halls in my hometown. That lead to bigger and better gigs in bigger and better cities. Then I met Jerry.
I married a Kennedy
Years of hard work and determination. I worked my ass off to get where I am.

4.) Love and marriage?
Go together like a horse and carriage
Are essential to each other
It's best to love yourself instead
I got me a pretty little wife, seven kids, and a mother-in-law in that house. If that ain't love, then you got me.
I gotta find someone who loves me for who I am!

5.) Your hobbies include:
Gambling, staying up all night partying with showgirls
Spending time with my family
Sailing, Surfing, Swimming, Sex
Boozing, Golfing, Reading Comic Books, Traveling
I like entertaining people in my home

6.) Your looks...
I'm very pale, and I have a big nose.
I'm short, I have a funny shaped face, I wear lots of jewelry, and I got one eye, baby!
Blue eyes, large ears, my face is filling out. I wear a lot of bright sweaters in my down time.
I have very dapper looks. I have exceptional hygiene. I don't like dirty things. I think I'm the absoluetly stunning, and fabulous.
I'm tan, I have nice wavy dark hair. I wear custom tailired suits.

7.) Your Are...


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