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» Quiz: Which Dead Like Me Grim Reaper Are You (now w/ photos)?
Which Dead Like Me Grim Reaper Are You (now w/ photos)?
created by RIPKINGDOME

1.) Finish This Sentence:
I Died from a big fire on the set of Gone With The Wind.
I died from a drug related incident. I tried to drill a hole in my brain to increase stimulation.
I died from strangulation. A friend of mine strangled me with a legwarmer. My own invention!
I died when a toilet set fell from outer space.
I'm not at liberty to discuss tha.

2.) Friends Would Describe You As:
Straight forward.
A Screw-Up

3.) What's Your Job?
I work at Happy Time, it's a temp agency
I'm an actress
I used to be a meter maid, but now I'm a cop
Sometimes I sell drugs. I steal from the souls. I steal from the parking meters. I pickpocket. I'll try any scam for quick cash.
I work for the guy upstairs. I get the list.

4.) Favorite Accessory:
Lately, I've been fancying crosses.
I like to wear a scarf. It keeps the chill out.
I don't think I have any accessories
Gloves with the fingers cut off
My gun

5.) What Do You Drive?
An old blue pickup truck. It ain't pretty, but it does the job
My work provides a vehicle
I don't drive. I rely on others for transportation.
I walk and take the bus.
I ride a bicycle

6.) Your Mood Is:
Sarcastic and angry
I'm fine now, but I can get very upset if you piss me off.
I'm perfectly calm
I'm stressed out usually
I'm very content. I know that I'm always right.

7.) Your Claim To Fame?
I've taken the souls of many people for several decades. If it wasnt for me, many people would die with their soul still inside their dead bodies.
I invented the legwarmer
A toilet seat from outer space fell on my head
I have no fame to claim
I blew half of Hollywood.

8.) Describe Your Looks:
I'm so beautiful. I'm the most exquisite beauty the world has ever seen.
I don't really think I need to explain that to you.
I think I'm freaking decent looking.
I'm pretty. But I'm not flashy.
I think I'm pretty plain. I think I'm average.

9.) Favorite Food?
I like most food. No favorites in particular. I am a fan of food preparation.
Waffles, eggs and hashbrowns.
Strong Coffee
I love booze
Small curd cottage cheese. Diet coke with crushed ice.

10.) How old are you?
Early twenties
Later twenties

11.) Favorite Music?
Pop, HipHop, Funk
Classical, Jazz

12.) Do You Feel Pretty?
Of course!
Not really. Maybe sometimes. Not very often.

13.) What Do You Miss Most?
I miss my daughter
I miss being a beautiful, talent actress. I miss what I didnt do.
I miss my family. I miss being young and silly. I miss my life.
I miss friends.
I don't freaking miss anything.

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