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» Quiz: Which Pop-princess are you?
Which Pop-princess are you?
created by ~NirvanaBaybee~

find out which pop-princess u are most like

1.) What is your favourite colour?
anything bright
pink or purple or anything pastel

2.) You win 500 bux, what do you do with it?
Spend it on accesories
Go out and buy some material to make your own clothes
Shopping spree!!!!
Give it up for charity of own choice
Put it away for that day in the distant future when u you are a famous singer, to make you video clips good enough to win an award

3.) What kind of music do u prefer?
punk rock
piano music with a singer only
hip hop

4.) wat is ur usuall clothes style
anything. i wear the first thing i can put out of my closet, add a tie and all my accesories
black and white, period.
what ever the latest fashion is
long beautiful dresses
3/4 pants and high heeled shoes and some random sports jacket

5.) and finally, who is your fave musician out of these:
marilyn manson
Britany Spears
atomic kitten
busta rhymes

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