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» Quiz: Can you have the Jen? (girls/boys)
Can you have the Jen? (girls/boys)
created by PinkFetish

What are the chances for you and I to hit it off?

1.) When you were born, the doctor looked at your mom and said:
Congratulations! It's a girl.
Congratulations! It's a boy!
I don't know, I was a baby.
There was no doctor involved when I was born, that came later.

2.) How tall are you?
Pretty average
Taller than most of my friends
"Ouch! Was that a lamp?"
I can lick your knees and tickle your pussy with my nose if I get a really tall chair?

3.) What would you say your biggest problem was?
I'm very self centered, it's hard to me to imagine that i'm not the only person on the face of the earth.
I have bipolar. muahahahaha.
I love pain, violence, kinky shit and blood. Some people say it's freaky.
You're the one with the problem, bitch.
I tend to get obsessed with the person I like. I want to talk to them all the time, be there with them, do whatever the fuck it is they're doing...
I'm too perfect to be true.

4.) If were out on our first date and you wanted to kiss me...
I don't kiss on the first date. I think kisses are a very intimate thing and they need to be saved for later.
I'd wait for a nice moment, grab your chin, look in your eyes and then gently work up a deep and hot french kiss.
I'd walk you home and give you a sweet kiss on the lips before you go up.
Kiss? Girl I'd take you home and kiss your ass with my dick if it was up to me.
I like girls who make the first move. I want a girl to take care of me, be strong for me and kiss me first, of course.

5.) Marry me?
Haha... nice one, Jen.
Are you fucking nuts? Get away from me you... girl! -takes out wooden crucifix-
Can we fuck first?
I don't do marriage, but I sure as hell won't mind living with you so we can see each other every morning, and I could make you breakfast and LUFF you

6.) What would I find in your secret drawer?
Lesbian porn. Animal porn. Kid porn. Gang bang. Jenna Jamison. Brittany Skye. Aria Giovanni. Oh and a bottle of hand cream.
Hand cuffs, ropes, gags, whips, latex gloves, needles, lube and nipple clamps.
Poetry, diaries, old photos, old newspapers, fiction I wrote when I was 10. Ah... memories.
Video games, a cell phone, some cash, hard drives....
A liver, two fingers, one tongue, someone's penis, knives, bullets, iodine, crack... all the goodies!
Love stories, candles, pictures of couples kissing, valentine's day cards. All the crap those shitheads' been giving me over the years.
They don't let me have drawers yet, but they promised they would once I stop cutting myself. Oh! Meds time... lalala...
Pictures of me, my phone number and adress (map attached), a piece of my hair, a print of my myspace portfolio and a screenshot of this quiz.
Your stupid head, bitch.

7.) Last time someone talked to you on the street they said:
Go away or I'll call the cops!
Excuse me, what time is it?
People don't talk to me. Why do you think I'm taking this quiz?
They don't let me out on the streets yet, but they promised to walk me next time I go through a whole day withough tearing out any of my hair.
Pfft, Like I care.
I don't know, what does it mean when someone puts their hand in their pants and moans?

8.) What's the craziest thing you'd ever do for me?
Give up my puppy, Bart. He's been my only friend for the past 10 years.
Mm.... I'd throw out my porn collection? wait, no I won't. Ah just shut up and get naked, bitch.
If you're really nice I'd take you out to dinner.
Anything, my love, my heart, the apple of my eye!
I'd let you bite my nipple real hard then spend the whole night making you scream.

9.) What are you looking for in a woman?
Sex. Duh.
Someone to do my dishes, have my kids and make sure I always wear clean socks.
A soulmate.
Nice looks, brains, nice personality, originality.... kink :)
Someone who would listen to me, who I can share my feelings with, write poetry to and cuddle big time.
I'm not picky.

10.) Finally, which of these pickup lines are you most likely to use on me?
Can you help me find my puppy, I think it ran into a cheap motel room down the street?
What's your sign?
Can I buy you a drink while you tell me your beautiful name?
Hey, I'm --insert name here--, how you doin'?
Can I worship you as if you were a goddess and make your every wish come true?
I don't need pickup lines, you'll see it all in my eyes. Then feel it grab your ass.
Pickup lines? Pfft, blow me, bitch.
Hey, you seem nice... are you doing anything?
My room, NOW!

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