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» Quiz: Are you an ailien?

created by pinkpiggie

I belive ailiens came to eath once. This quiz is to detect wether you're an ailien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.) Do you go away from earth in your dreams?
No the furthest I've been is school!
Of course only last night I went to Mars
Yes I go further away from earth than you could ever imagine
I often go in ariplanes but Idid go to Venus once or twice.

2.) Do you ever get the feelin your being watched?
Sometimes but normally there's no-one there
Yeah but I use the eyes in the back of my head.
Only if I'm watchin a scary movie or just have been.
Yeah it's freaky.

3.) How many eyes do you have? (couting any secret 1s in the back of your head)
9. And thats only in my head.
At least 6.
Dunno never counted
2 like everyone else, duh.

4.) Are you an ailien?
Yes but I'm not gonna tell you that, am I?
I think so............
Never asked anyone.
No way. Well I hope not.

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