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» Quiz: Are you straight or a lesbian?(girls only)
Are you straight or a lesbian?(girls only)
created by Fuck_Me-Hard_Please

1.) Have You/do you look at lesbian porn?
HELL NO- i only watch male porn
most of the time
whats p-o-r-n?

2.) Do You finger yourself?
ewww no
maybe..sometimes when i think about cetrain things
ya, actuall i stick my mascara bottle up it

3.) okay, your at this sleepover, and your friend is bi, she brought a strap on and wants to fuck you, finger you, grab your boobs and eat you out... do you let her?
umm... NO- i would only let a boy do that
Sure i think i'd be fun
probibly just this once
i'd grab that strap on and fuck her hard

4.) what would you rather have a guy finger you or a girl?
girl probibly
boyyyy!!!! :)
i dk

5.) do you want to eat out or be eaten out?
eaten out by a guy or girl
i want to be eaten out by a boy please
i want to eat out a girl

6.) what do you think you are

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