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» Quiz: What is your confidence level?
What is your confidence level?
created by Missk

10 questions to decide your confidence level.

1.) When you look into the mirror every morning what do you think to yourself?
I don't like looking in the mirror...
my nose looks big, or my hips are big, or something along those lines.
wow, I need to brush my hair... but the rest of me is a-okay.
Helllloooo beautiful!
Man my butt looks good... check out my smile, chicks/guys are goning to drool over me today!

2.) How do you walk?
With my head up and I a little bit of a strut (Or hip waving for girls) looking everyone in they eyes.
With my head down, glancing up every now and then if I pass one of my friends.
With my head up looking everyone in the eye.
Head up, strutting (or swaying for girls), not looking past people. They are supposed to look at me.
Head down staring at my feet.

3.) You see a girl/boy look at you and think...
Why are they staring at me? Is there something wrong with me? and then I turn away
I Just smile and think nothing of it.
They must think I'm attractive or nice.
is something on my face? Then I pull out a mirror to check.
They don't have a chance with me.

4.) Your talking to someone...how are you standing?
Shoulders straight, arms propped up on something, looking down at them as you talk.
Shoulders straight, arms hanging loose but with a cool attitude in your posture.
Straight, with hands loose or in back pockets... a laid back sort of attitude.
Shoulders slumped, arms folded but head up.
Shoulders slumped, arms crossed, head down.

5.) Your still talking to that person, where are your eyes?
on the ground.
looking at them but not their eyes.
Looking at there eyes but also glancing around.
Looking right into their eyes.
Looking down your nose trying to intimidate them with your stare.

6.) Your friend is pulling you over to a large group of people... how are you feeling?
Okay, they seem like nice people.
A little happy. You like meeting new people.
Bored. Theres no one over there thats really great looking.
A little shy but you go with her and stand quietly as they talk.
You pull back at her/him and tell him/her you don't want to go over there.

7.) When you compare yourself with others what are you normally thinking?
They have pretty eyes... but I have a nice smile.
Why can't I have a body like that?
They look good I guess but so do I.
I notice how ugly and unworthy I look compared to them.
I look good. Better than them.

8.) Where do you spend most of your time?
At home, in my room.
Out in public like at the mall or a club...where people can see me.
At home or a close friends house.
Hanging out in public places getting to know people.
I like spending time at home but I also love hanging out with my friends at them mall or movies or something.

9.) How do you dress? (yes the way you dress DOES show your confidence level)
I prefer lose stuff... it will hid some of my my bad features.
Snug fitting clothes.
Really it depends... sometmes I like wearing loose clothing but when I'm feeling really great so I wear them a bit more snug.
I prefer the clothes that show of my nice 6 pack... (or my cleavage)
I like baggy clothes... its easier to hide in them.

10.) Last but not least how do YOU think your confidence is?
I don't think I have confidence.
Its okay.
Pretty good. I do have my bad days though.
Good..my confidence is just fine.
Great. Who could be me without have good confidence?

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