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» Quiz: Which Cartoon Character Are You?
Which Cartoon Character Are You?
created by Stoned_Spyder_0-Thousand

A Test that tells what personality of a cartoon character you are.

1.) How Much Do You Eat?
I eat tons and tons of food a day
I only eat to get the nutrients
Not Much
When Im Hungry
Whenever I want to do you got a problem with it mister!

2.) What Is Your Favorite Way To Hang Out
Getting Stoned
Going on Boats and Fishing
Seeing A Nice Sunset.
Just Sit Back, Relax and watch television
Why is it any of your business?

3.) I say Hee-Ha, Hee-Ha You Say....
Whats stuck in your throat?
You sound funny. Something wrong?
Whats Up Doc?
This Is Dispicable! What kinds of questions are these? Huh smart guy!

4.) Where do you spent most of your time?
In Bed
On Boats
In The Garden
Hanging Out With Friends
Shut Up Neandrithall!

5.) What Is Your Catch Phrase?
Who Cares?
Don't look at what you can't see pirate!
Be nice so people are nice to you.
Don't Get Your Knickers In A Twist!

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