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» Quiz: What that 70s show character are you?
What that 70's show character are you?
created by lily0623

find out what person on that 70's show you are most like!!

1.) What would you say is your lifes greatest ambition?
None of your damn buissness. Now get away before i put my foot up your ass!!!
Whats an ambition?
To do it!!!
To work for the Rolling Stone
To move out of my house
I dont give a damn
To protect all womens rights
Loose a few pounds
To have fun , and live off my parents
To be a model , and have the envy of every girl/guy in the world
To make my family happy

2.) What would somebody say if they described you?
im the hottest guy/girl ever
Im real
Im layed back
Im bubbley
im a forighner
im a criminal
im a smart ass
I tend to laugh everything off instead of dealing with them
I scare them
im a slut
they wish they were me , ive got the money , looks , plus more

3.) This is a random question.Pick what appeals to you the most
HA Ha ha
wanna do it?
rock n roll
disco style
anti-feminist clubs
the rolling stones
play boy/girl magazines
makeup , perfume , shopping
your a dumbass
i wonder what a baby would do if they ate pop rocks

4.) pick a color
chunky monkey
wat kind of question is that?
uh HAHahahaha
w/e u want

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