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» Quiz: Which Shaman King character are you?
Which Shaman King character are you?
created by deathangel

1.) If you were to be a real shaman king, What would you do to get there?
Fight as hard as i canto make it to the top
Who needs to be king ,when yoh is king i'll be queen
I may be able to see ghost but ican't intagrate with them
I'm a ghost that intagrates with yoh to help him win

2.) Scenario: If another shaman challenged you during the shaman fights. How would you react?
I would take the challenge to get me closer to being shaman king
Start yelling(as i always do)
Cheer from the side lines
I would do what i can to help yoh (intagration of chorse)

3.) Scenario:you are already on your way to bcome shaman king and you still have many fights ahead. What would you do to get yourself ready for the upcoming battles?
Run 20 or 30 or 40 miles (thanks to anna)
Keep yoh on his feet ,keep him training
be annoying and get in yoh's way
try not to get captured by anna

4.) If you just became a shaman( like ryu)and you didn't know what you were doing, who would you go to ask about it?
Someone who knows what their doing
go to a real shaman
How could i, i'm not a shaman
how could i i'm a 600 year old ghost

5.) What kind of shaman would you be?
the best in the world
i'd only be queen
not a shaman just a jester
absolutly nothing

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